GiveSure by EatSure

GiveSure by EatSure Share-a-meal with daily wage earners

  • EatSure is a food delivery app which brings you diverse cuisines from a range of popular restaurants that promise safety, hygiene and deliciousness in every bite.
  • GiveSure, a non profit initiative of EatSure, aims to extend the same assured goodness to the less fortunate members of the society and help them relish meals that are safe, hygienic, nutritious and delicious.
  • Through this activity, GiveSure, along with Rotary Bangalore, specifically aims to serve wholesome, nutritious and delicious meals to the daily wage earners, enabling them to take the COVID-19 battle head-on.
  • The testing times and the plight of the daily wage earners
  • COVID-19 has afflicted more than 8 million lives around the globe, ending more than 4 hundred thousand lives mercilessly.
  • While we mourn the tragic lives lost, there's a part of our society that has been hit the hardest - the daily wage earners - who are struggling to survive, dangling between life and death, with absolutely no money to fend for themselves.
  • Many of the migrant workers are stranded thousands of kilometres away from their homes, with no means to return and no income to buy even a single meal.The plight of these families is unimaginable, who can do nothing but just hope and pray for a meal to sail through these unsettling times.

GiveSure Activity Details

  • This grave hour of global crisis has taught us many lessons, but above all it has given us a purpose. A purpose to give back to society. It has made us realize that each time we serve a family in need, we don't just give them food, but also a hope that they are not alone.
  • Since March, we have been trying to do our bit by providing fresh, nutritious, hygienic and delicious meals for the people in need, across the country. We have partnered with NGOs and government bodies to help facilitate a responsible distribution of these safe, hygienic and delicious meals. We prepare these meals freshly in our network of 300+ kitchens across the country, strictly adhering to all the mandatory safety protocols and social distancing norms.
  • We have distributed 86264 meals till now across the country.

How does it work:

  • We make wholesome, nutritious and fresh meals, a combination of rice and dal, priced at ₹20 per meal.
  • All these meals are served to slum-dwellers and migrant daily-wage workers affected by COVID-19.
  • All these meals are served to slum-dwellers and migrant daily-wage workers affected by COVID-19.
  • We have partnered with Rotary Club Bangalore for a responsible meal distribution.
  • We strictly adhere to the social distancing norms and other mandatory safety protocols while preparing and distributing the meals.
  • This is a 100% non-profit campaign.

Your Contribution

  • We seek your contribution in making a much deeper impact and bring a ray of sunshine in many more lives. Come forward and help your brothers and sisters sleep well-fed. There's nothing more meaningful and fulfilling than knowing that someone slept well-fed because of you.
  • Make a difference today, big or small - every contribution counts.
  • It's time to do your bit.
  • Step up, don't step out.

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