The Pains of Renal failure

The mental pain to the patient after the hearing news of renal failure can only be considered as the beginning of the agony that is to arrive soon. Nephrology Centers that provide Dialysis have commercial costs ranging from Rs 1300 to Rs 2000 per session wherein an average person would require 3 of these per week. The high costs are a frightening aspect for most patients. They need to spend 4 hours per session which eats into their work hours and could possibly lead to loss of employment. Additional expenses of about Rs 7000 per month get appended to the list because of medicines, consultation etc. It requires intrepidity and commitment to undergo a major lifestyle change to cope up with renal failure.

About Rotary District 3190 - Nephrology Centre

It's a 20 bed, 20 machine, full-fledged, state of the art Dialysis & Diabetology Hospital run with the help of Rangadore Hospital, Bangalore Kidney Foundation and St Theresa's Hospital for providing emergency services etc. - located at Dr Rajkumar Road, Rajajinagar, in the heart of the city. The Rotary District 3190 group initiative, comprising of 100 clubs and 4500 like-minded Rotarians brings down the cost of each dialysis to Rs. 750 (from about Rs 2000) for the patients and efforts are to provide at subsidized costs to low income groups and free to patients in the BPL category.

Statistical Achievements

From June to Dec 2015

2816 Dialysis

From Jan to Dec 2016

7204 Dialysis

From Jan to Dec 2017

8452 Dialysis

Upto May 2018

3628 Dialysis

Total: 22,100 (excess of Twenty-two thousand & One hundred dialysis procedures.)

Average number of Dialysis sessions per month: 614

Number of Patients on scroll (current): 112

Our Partners in the Project

Stakeholder Name

Scope of Activity & Contribution

Rotary Clubs of District 3190 & Rotary Club of LEVEN, District 1010, UK

Equipment, Volunteering

St Theresa’s Hospital

Long term Facility Partner secondary support hospital for ICU, Emergency ready consultants

Rangadore Memorial Hospital

Operational partner Doctors, Paramedics Day to day Running

Bangalore Kidney Foundation

Knowledge Partner Training, Process, Protocols, Up gradation

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