Prasanna Nayana


Community service project of Rotary Bangalore West
that has lasted two decades….

Prasanna Nayana – a local community eye screening and surgery facility, an ideal example how collaborative efforts of like-minded organizations, can make a difference to the society.

The Collaborative Organizations

The Prasanna Veeranjaneya Temple at the Mahalakshmi Layout is a major tourist attraction and the monolithic deity of Hanuman is awe-inspiring.  The founding members very studiously built the activities of temple, to give it a community orientation also.

Rotary Bangalore West started in the year 1977, with the object of 'development of acquaintance among leaders from different professions as an opportunity for service', and to arrange need-based service projects and public awareness programs.

Rotary Bangalore West, in its sojourn of service of 40 years, has dedicated several innovative and useful service projects to the society and when the idea was mooted to start, manage and provide necessary logistic support, for a collaborative effort to start a free eye operation center it was readily taken up.

They established a working understanding with Narayana Nethralaya – well known specialty Hospital in eye care, which was then extremely active in conducting free camps, eye operation base camps etc, lead to start this facility at the temple premises quickly and it started its functioning during the Rotary year 19996-97 under the leadership of Rtn K.S.nagendra.

Rotary Club of Windsor St Clair, Ontario, Canada, the International partners of Rotary Bangalore West for several projects indicated their willingness to co-ordinate, furnishing this eye care hospital with surgery equipment.  As things fell into good place, in the spur of moment it was named “Prasanna Nayana” – the beautiful and benevolent eyes.

The first surgery camp was held during 1st week of July 1996, at the temple premises – heralding our monthly eye check up and operation camp, without a break till date.

The Working

The Annex building to the auditorium of the Prasanna Veeranjaneya Temple was made ready, into a 1200 sq feet area of 18 Bed hospital, with a fully air-conditioned and completely equipped Operation Theatre for cataract operations. In addition to the other utilities, extra facility was created for eye screening and check up on a regular basis. The Temple trust took up the responsibility of looking after the needs of patients and their wards for three days complete with sumptuous food and maintenance of staff etc.

While It is the responsibility of Rotary Bangalore West to provide logistics support, provide the intra ocular lens, fund the cost of operations, medicine and maintenance of all equipment etc, the technical support of sending highly qualified Optometricians, Surgeons and post care etc was taken up by Narayana Netralaya till 2013-14 and because of certain policy changes –Narayana Netralaya discontinued their services. However the project then was given further lease of continuity by Sharada Dhanvantri Eye & dental Hospital, which became the technical partners to continue the services.

Every 2nd Friday morning, eye-screening camp is conducted at the premises of the temple and the most needy ones are selected for operations. Immediately the following Sunday, the patients and their care takers are taken to Sharada Dhanvantri Hospital, for necessary eye surgeries.

The patients are provided free cataract surgery; IOL fitment and discharged two days later with necessary medicines and spectacles etc. The entire arrangement costs absolutely nothing to the patient. The most notable achievement is that the program recognizes only the need of the patient and not at the gender, cast or creed.

The Facts and Figures

The continuous and collaborative efforts of many made this, a truly successful ROTARY service project - crossing 4000 cataract operations as on date.

Prasanna Nayana - our eye check up and operation center, has provided till now free eye screening for nearly about 22000 patients and free cataract surgery with IOL fitment for nearly 4000, poor and needy people of our community.

To realize the value and contribution of this project to the community :

  • We have to understand that the commercial value of 4000 free surgeries means a whopping sum of Rs.200 lakhs spent to mitigate the sufferings of our breathen.
  • We have to understand that we have conducted this free eye screening & surgery camp month after month for nearly 20 years.
  • and also means our continued association with many like minded organizations and friends - to ensure that it has continued for 2 decades now.

Project championing

This service project will complete 20 years of existence and has sustained only because, Rotary Bangalore West has taken this as its flagship project.

Most notable feature of this project has been that each and every Rotarian of Rotary west, have contributed to the project both in terms of volunteering efforts and financial contributions - making this as one of the most sustainable service projects of our Rotary world.

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