Vidya Mitra

About Vidya Mitra

Over the last five years, with funding from The Rotary Foundation and support from Rotarians and CSR partners, Rotary Bangalore West has installed hundreds of Vidyamitra portable projector-based e-learning units in Government and Aided schools across Karnataka.

Each Vidyamitra e-learning unit consists of:

  • Android-based LED projector pre-loaded with Karnataka State syllabus based audiovisual lessons for Mathematics & Science in Kannada / English medium for classes 5 to 7 (HP) or classes 8 to 10 (HS)
  • Portable stand, speakers and mouse
  • Teachers can connect laptop to the unit for effective use of available software & programs
  • Teachers can make full use of educational content available on YouTube etc.

The Vidyamitra e-learning unit is designed as a teaching aid and comes with a built-in video tutorial that enables teachers to gain mastery over the unit’s controls within a few minutes. For schools in remote areas with irregular power supply, solar power modules are also provided at additional cost.

We thank all the beneficiary schools and generous donors for the opportunity to serve the needy community. We look forward to expanding the digital education revolution to more schools with your support.

For any queries, Whatsapp : Rtn.Shantaram - 9901911934

All donations to Rotary Bangalore West Trust are eligible for deduction under Section 80G of Income Tax Act.

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Vidya Mitra is a complete solution with all needed equipment

Including solar power panel, and fully licensed currriculum for science, math and English approved by the State of Karnataka.